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07/12/2022, 16:00 — 17:00 — Online
, University of Oxford

Sub-diffusive behaviors emerging from exclusion processes

This talk focuses on generalizations of the exclusion process whose hydrodynamic limits are sub-diffusive equations. After recalling some known results in dimension 1, I will present in detail the partial exclusion process in random environment. This is a system of random walks where the random environment is obtained by assigning random maximal occupancies to each site of the Euclidean lattice. I will show that, when assuming that the maximal occupancies are heavy tailed and i.i.d., the hydrodynamic limit of the particle system (in any dimension greater than 1) is the fractional-kinetics equation.

This talk is based on partly ongoing projects in collaboration with A. Chiarini (Padova), F. Redig (TU Delft) and F. Sau (ISTA).

Except for a few of the oldest sessions these are from the Seminário de Probabilidade e Mecânica Estatística at IMPA which is co-sponsored by other institutions, in particular Instituto Superior Técnico.