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About this site

This site is maintained independently by the Department of Mathematics of Instituto Superior Técnico. It supplements with local information the web site.


Previous versions of the site also used webshimsjquery-uijquery-jeditable, modernizr, easing, itex2MML and Hyphenator.

The code for this site is totally independent from other IST department sites.


This site tries to use and respect

Privacy, cookies and language preferences

The only usages of cookies in Mathematics Department sites which might be questioned as not being absolutely essential to the site inner workings deal with:

  • registering the user's language preference within the domain to minimize the number of times the user may need to follow language specific links and
  • the default list of seminars and research courses one wishes to follow when accessing

You may stop this by disallowing cookies in our domain but then some functionality will be lost.

There are absolutely no circumstances where cookies or other technologies are used for questionable privacy purposes.

Registration of originating IP address, browser, etc., is made for the usual security and statistical purposes in logs and through Google Analytics.

Technical questions

The description above does not apply to any pages under where user is some local user, even if the page graphical style is similar. For any technical questions, including access to the local subversion repository or how to setup web pages under, contact