Mathematics Department Técnico Técnico


Graduate studies

Doctorate Programmes

The Department of Mathematics offers programs covering a broad range of topics leading to a Doctoral Degree. Candidates are admitted to either the

The Department of Mathematics, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical Engineering, jointly offer the

Department Faculty members participate in Doctoral Programmes sponsored through Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT). Two such programmes are:

Both regularly open calls for Fellowships funded by FCT.


At the Master's level, the Mathematics Department offers the Master in Mathematics and Applications, with 4 specialization profiles:

  • Mathematics
  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • Mathematics of Computation
  • Probability and Mathematical Statistics

The Mathematics Department offers also:

Undergraduate Studies

The first cycle of university studies in Mathematics offered by the Department is the

Final degree examinations

The Department provides a calendar of Doctoral and Agregação final examinations. Agregação is a Portuguese academic title which is usually considered as a pre-requisite for Full Professor positions.

Faculty members and researchers

The Department of Mathematics has near one hundred faculty members and researchers making it the largest university mathematics department in Portugal.

Scientific areas

All courses offered in the the various degrees in mathematics are structured according with the official IST scientific areas for Mathematics:

Academics related activities

The Department has created or supports several mathematics related educational initiatives:

Support resources