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Recently hired faculty

  • Pedro Ricardo Simão Antunes, 2022-05-01, Associate Professor. Numerical analysis, meshless methods, shape optimization.
  • Diogo Oliveira e Silva, 2022-01-01, Assistant Professor. Harmonic analysis.
  • Hugo Tavares, 2020-01-01, Associate Professor. Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear Analysis.
  • Jorge Tiago, 2019-09-03, Assistant Professor. Optimal control and numerical methods in fluid mechanics.
  • Simão Correia, 2019-09-03, Assistant Professor. Qualitative theory for dispersive PDE, elliptic PDE, harmonic analysis.
  • Filipe Mena, 2018-09-01, Associate Professor. Mathematical Physics, General Relativity, Differential Geometry.
  • Leonardo Macarini, 2018-01-01, Associate Professor. Symplectic Topology, Hamiltonian Dynamics, Differential Geometry.

Recently hired researchers

  • Pedro Boavida de Brito, 2022-11-15, Researcher. Algebraic topology.
  • Gonçalo Oliveira, 2022-11-09, Researcher. Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics.
  • Maria Kulikova, 2022-01-01, Researcher. Bayesian filtering and parameter estimation, system identification, computational statistics.
  • Delia Schiera, 2021-11-11, Researcher. Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear Analysis.
4 Gulbenkian Grants in Mathematics awarded to Técnico students


Students Rui Wang (2nd year, LMAC), Pedro Costa (2nd year, LMAC), Nuno Carneiro (3rd year, LMAC) and Pedro Ronda (3rd year, LEFT) have been awarded Bolsas Gulbenkian Novos Talentos (2022 edition) which are intended to support further studies and curriculum enrichment activities in Mathematics.

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Luís Barreira wins Universidade de Lisboa/Caixa Geral de Depósitos Scientific Award (Pure and Applied Mathematics)

28/11/2022 — 31/12/2022

Luís Barreira was awarded the Universidade de Lisboa / Caixa Geral de Depósitos Prize 2022 in the field of Pure and Applied Mathematics. The selection committee assessed the scientific merit and international impact of the research work of the candidates in the 2017-2021 period.

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04/09/2023 — 08/09/2023

@ Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

The European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications (ENUMATH) conferences are a forum for presenting and discussing novel and fundamental advances in numerical mathematics and challenging scientific and industrial applications on the highest level of international expertise.

They started in Paris in 1995. Subsequent ENUMATH conferences were held at the universities of Heidelberg (1997), Jyväskylä (1999), Ischia Porto (2001), Prague (2003), Santiago de Compostela (2005), Graz (2007), Uppsala (2009), Leicester (2011), Lausanne (2013), Ankara (2015), Bergen (2017) and Egmond aan Zee (2019).

ENUMATH 2021 has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been postponed to September 4-8, 2023, in Lisbon and will take place at the same location, Instituto Superior Técnico. Most of the Invited Speakers of the ENUMATH 2021 conference have already accepted the invitation for 2023.

Recently hired faculty
Recently hired faculty members.
Recently hired researchers
Recently hired researchers.
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