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14/10/2010, 16:30 — 17:30 — Amphitheatre Pa1, Mathematics Building
, The George Washington University

Subnormal operators and function theory

Abstract. This is a survey of some results illustrating the intimate connection between the theory of subnormal operators on a Hilbert space and the theory of analytic functions. Analytic functions help to unearth some structure of the operators, and the operator theory prompts us to ask certain questions about analytic functions. A good interaction.

The Mathematics Colloquium is a series of monthly talks organized by the Department of Mathematics of IST, aiming to be a forum for the presentation of mathematical ideas or ideas about Mathematics. The Colloquium welcomes the participation of faculty, researchers and undergraduate or graduate students, of IST or other institutions, and is seen as an opportunity of bringing together and fostering the building up of ideas in an informal atmosphere.

Organizers: Conceição Amado, Lina Oliveira e Maria João Borges.