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Mathematical Analysis of the interior of black holes


We host the outreach site for project 

Propriedades globais de soluções das equações de Einstein, PTDC/MAT-ANA/1275/2014

The best current description of the Universe on a macroscopic scale is the General Relativity theory, which explains gravity in terms of deformation of the space-time geometry.

The theory predicts the existence of black holes – regions of space-time where geometry deformation is so intense that not even light can leave that region.

José Natário on 90 seconds of science programme


In the episode 890 of July 3, of the Antena 1, 90 seconds of science radio programme, José Natário discusses the possibility of destroying black holes by rotational speed increase past an upper bound. His results establish that this can not occur.

José Natário interview to Science Focus on warp drive


"Warp drive" refers to certain mathematical solutions of Einstein's equations in General Relativity that would allow faster than light travel by deforming spacetime appropriately. However, general theorems proved by José Natário in 2002 show that these solutions are physically unattainable, since they always involve negative energy and the formation of horizons. Recently, José Natário discussed these results in an interview to BBC Science Focus Magazine.

Intensive Week PDEs on the WEB

08/06/2020 — 12/06/2020

The intensive week of PDEs is a joint initiative of some research groups in Italy (Turin and Rome) and Portugal (Lisbon), which allows to continue the exchange of ideas within the PDE community in this strange period, where scientific travels have stopped.

Each day there will be a session of the mini-course and a talk given by one of the participants. Then in the remaining time people would be able to organize in small groups in order to discuss research (ongoing or new). The meeting aims to intensify the existing collaborations and to stimulate interactions between participants.

8th IST-IME Meeting

07/09/2020 — 11/09/2020

Locate in map@ Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

Postponed to 2021

This meeting, whose scope comprises Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations and related topics, aims to promote integration of researchers of both IST and IME (and other institutions), with the presentation of research works and plenary lectures of the participants.

This edition will honor Giorgio Fusco, who has been a major contributor to the IST-IME link.

Ana Bela Cruzeiro elected corresponding member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences


The Lisbon Academy of Sciences elected Professor Ana Bela Cruzeiro as a national corresponding member in the Class of Sciences (Mathematics).

It is the fourth time this title is granted to a professor of the Department of Mathematics of IST (Luís Torres Magalhães, 1995; Rui Loja Fernandes, 2006; Adélia Sequeira, 2018).

Workshop on Black Holes: BPS, BMS and Integrability.

07/09/2020 — 11/09/2020

The workshop brings together researchers to facilitate collaborative discussions on current developments in quantum gravity and string theory.

Organizers: Gabriel Lopes Cardoso, Suresh Nampuri.

Ricardo Schiappa on Antena 1 programme 90 Seconds of Science


In episode 773 of 90 Seconds of Science (in Portuguese), Ricardo Schiappa talks about the mathematical research of his group, directed to study the basic elements that build the geometry and topology of our universe.

Mathematics Winter School

05/02/2020 — 06/02/2020

Locate in map@ Sala P12, Pavilhão de Matemática, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa

The Mathematics Winter School (MWS) is designed to help students from the first or second cycle of university studies find fascinating study options. Mathematicians, from university and industry, are going to talk about mathematics, its applications, mathematical research, and mathematics in the real word, in an environment where students will have time and space to look, listen and think ahead.

The MWS is open to all interested students from the first or second cycle of university studies, from IST or other schools, students of mathematics or not.

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