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Professor Luís Magalhães’ last lecture

06/07/2022 17:00

Locate in map@ Anfiteatro Abreu Faro, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa

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Miguel Abreu elected corresponding member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences

26/05/2022 — 30/06/2022

The Lisbon Academy of Sciences elected Professor Miguel Abreu as a national corresponding member in the Class of Sciences (Mathematics).

Yasser Omar elected corresponding member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences


The Lisbon Academy of Sciences elected Professor Yasser Omar as a national corresponding member in the Class of Sciences (Physics).



Portugal recebeu 7 medalhas (1 de ouro, 2 de prata e 4 de bronze). Seis dos medalhados são alunos do IST, cinco da Licenciatura em Matemática Aplicada e Computação (LMAC) e um da Licenciatura em Engenharia Física Tecnológica. A medalha de ouro do aluno da LMAC Pedro Dias correspondeu à melhor prova da competição:

Parabéns ao Pedro Dias e a todos os medalhados!

School on Mirror Symmetry and Moduli Spaces

27/06/2022 — 01/07/2022

@ Department of Mathematics, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa

The purpose of this Workshop-School to bring together researchers working on different mirror symmetry phenomena occuring in moduli spaces. Along with cutting-edge research talks, there will be four introductory mini courses addressed to students and young researchers in differential geometry, algebraic geometry, theoretical physics and related areas. 


Emilio Franco (CAMGSD-IST, Universidade de Lisboa)
Ana Peón-Nieto (University of Birmingham)
Tom Sutherland (Vienna).

Workshop on Symplectic Dynamics

27/06/2022 — 01/07/2022

@ Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

This workshop aims to gather experts on Symplectic Geometry and Hamiltonian Dynamics in a leisurely ambiance. The program includes a small number of lectures, leaving plenty of time for informal discussions.


04/09/2023 — 08/09/2023

@ Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

The European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications (ENUMATH) conferences are a forum for presenting and discussing novel and fundamental advances in numerical mathematics and challenging scientific and industrial applications on the highest level of international expertise. They started in Paris in 1995. Subsequent ENUMATH conferences were held at the universities of Heidelberg (1997), Jyväskylä (1999), Ischia Porto (2001), Prague (2003), Santiago de Compostela (2005), Graz (2007), Uppsala (2009), Leicester (2011), Lausanne (2013), Ankara (2015), Bergen (2017) and Egmond aan Zee (2019).

ENUMATH 2021 has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been postponed to September 4-8, 2023, in Lisbon and will take place at the same location, the Instituto Superior Técnico. Most of the Invited Speakers of the ENUMATH 2021 conference already accepted the invitation for 2023. The website with updated news will be created in due time.

Online International Workshop on BPS State Counting, Holography and Quantum Information

31/08/2022 — 02/09/2022

@ Department of Mathematics, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

This online international workshop brings together experts in quantum gravity and string theory to stimulate collaborative discussions and exchange of ideas on the latest developments and results in the field.

Organizers: Gabriel Lopes Cardoso, Suresh Nampuri

Cristina Câmara Semi-Plenary Speaker at IWOTA 2022

06/09/2022 — 10/09/2022

@ Kraków, Poland

Cristina Câmara will be a semi-plenary speaker at the 33th International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications, IWOTA 2022.

IWOTA is one of the largest continuing conferences attended by the community of researchers in operator theory and its applications (differential and integral equations, complex analysis and harmonic analysis, linear systems and control theory, mathematical physics, signal processing, numerical analysis). 

Every year IWOTA gathers leading experts from all over the world for an intense exchange of new results and for tracing the future developments in the field.

IWOTA 2022 will be held in Kraków, Poland. Dates: September 6-10, 2022.


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