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New Educast video channel: Canal Departamento de Matemática, Instituto Superior Técnico


A video channel was created on the FCCN Educast platform for storage and distribution of various contents regarding the Department of Mathematics.



Mathematics Winter School

22/02/2021 — 26/02/2021

@ Online

The Mathematics Winter School (WSM) is designed to help students from the first or second cycle of university studies find fascinating study options. Mathematicians, from university and industry, are going to talk about mathematics, its applications, mathematical research, and mathematics in the real word, in an environment where students will have time and space to look, listen and think ahead.

The MWS is open to all interested students from the first or second cycle of university studies, from IST or other schools, students of mathematics or not.

School on Mirror Symmetry and Moduli Spaces

28/06/2021 — 02/07/2021

Locate in map@ Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

The purpose of this Workshop-School is to bring together researchers working on different mirror symmetry phenomena occuring in moduli spaces. Along with cutting-edge research talks, there will be four introductory mini courses addressed to students and young researchers in differential geometry, algebraic geometry, theoretical physics and related areas.

World Logic Day


Amílcar Sernadas Logic Prize 2020


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The jury of the Amílcar Sernadas Logic Prize unanimously decided to confer ex aequo the prize to the papers k-Provability in PA by Paulo Guilherme Santos and Reinhard Kahle (both from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and An unexpected Boolean connective by Sérgio Marcelino (SQIG, Instituto de Telecomunicações & Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa).

The authors of the winning papers will present them in a zoom session on January 14th, World Logic Day, at 5pm (GMT+00:00).

Iberian Strings 2021

19/01/2021 — 22/01/2021

The Iberian Strings 2021 meeting is the twelfth meeting of the Iberian Strings series, superseding previous editions of the Workshop on Gravitational Aspects of Strings and Branes and of Northwest Strings. These meetings bring together a large part of the string theory community of Spain and Portugal with the aim of discussing and sharing recent advances in the field of strings and branes. However, all string theorists working elsewhere too are highly welcome to participate in the meeting.

Iberian Strings 2021 will be an online conference.

Applications to the Professor Jaime Campos Ferreira Prize — 2020

30/10/2020 — 27/11/2020

Applications to the 2020 Professor Jaime Campos Ferreira Prize are now open, until 5pm on November 27, 2020.

This prize was established in 2002 by the Department of Mathematics of IST with the twofold purpose of distinguishing, for academic merit in Mathematics, students at this school, and to honor Professor Jaime Campos Ferreira (1927­-2016), Emeritus Professor at IST, who decisevely contributed to the creation and development of the Department and greatly stimulated the interest in Mathematics of several generations of students.

Mathematical Analysis of the interior of black holes


We host the outreach site for project 

Propriedades globais de soluções das equações de Einstein, PTDC/MAT-ANA/1275/2014

The best current description of the Universe on a macroscopic scale is the General Relativity theory, which explains gravity in terms of deformation of the space-time geometry.

The theory predicts the existence of black holes – regions of space-time where geometry deformation is so intense that not even light can leave that region.

José Natário on 90 seconds of science programme


In the episode 890 of July 3, of the Antena 1, 90 seconds of science radio programme, José Natário discusses the possibility of destroying black holes by rotational speed increase past an upper bound. His results establish that this can not occur.

José Natário interview to Science Focus on warp drive


"Warp drive" refers to certain mathematical solutions of Einstein's equations in General Relativity that would allow faster than light travel by deforming spacetime appropriately. However, general theorems proved by José Natário in 2002 show that these solutions are physically unattainable, since they always involve negative energy and the formation of horizons. Recently, José Natário discussed these results in an interview to BBC Science Focus Magazine.

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