Probability and Statistics


Research in Probability and Statistics at the Department of Mathematics includes topics such as Bayesian Statistics, Data Science, Extreme Value Theory, Mathematical Finance, Multivariate Analysis, Quality Control, Queueing Systems, Robust Methods, Stochastic Ordering, Stochastic, Processes, Survival Analysis, and Times Series.

Most of the faculty members of Probability and Statistics belong to the Center for Computational and Stochastic Mathematics (CEMAT). Members of this scientific area collaborate on a regular basis with other departments of Instituto Superior Técnico in the supervision of thesis and in research and consulting projects in areas as diverse as Genetics and Telecommunications.

The scientific area of Probability and Statistics is responsible for the Probability and Statistics track of the MSc in Mathematics and Applications and the PhD in Statistics and Stochastic Processes.


Students enrolled on PhD, MSc and BSc courses of the scientific area of Probability and Statistics are encouraged to attend the research seminars and to discuss the topics with the speakers and remaining attendees.

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