Mathematics Department Técnico Técnico

Numerical Analysis and Applied Analysis

Research in the scientific area of Numerical and Applied Analysis at the Mathematics Department of IST includes several topics: mathematical and computational fluid dynamics, inverse problems and numerical methods for differential and integral equations.
Research is also focused on the mathematical modeling and numerical simulations in biomedicine, namely in problems of clinical relevance, associated with some vascular diseases (Physiomath Project). 

The main goal of this scientific area is to tackle challenging mathematical problems with relevant engineering, financial and medical applications. The faculty members are integrated in the Center for Computational and Stochastic Mathematics (CEMAT) and in CAMGSD (Juha Videman) and collaborate with other departments of IST in the supervision of MSc and PhD dissertations.


Future and Recent Events


Members of this scientific area maintain an effective collaboration with researchers from several international and national institutions, including the following: