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Steve Zelditch 02/06/2020, 17:00 — 18:00 Europe/Lisbon — Instituto Superior Técnico
, Northwestern University

Probabilistic aspects of toric Kahler geometry

Let $(M, \omega, L)$ be a polarized toric Kahler manifold with polytope $P$. Associated to this data is a family $\mu_k^x$ of probability measures on $P$ parametrized by $x \in P.$ They generalize the multi-nomial measures on the simplex, where $M = \mathbb{CP}^n$ and $\omega$ is the Fubini-Study measure. As is well-known, these measures satisfy a law of large numbers, a central limit theorem, a large deviations principle and entropy asymptotics. The measure of maximal entropy in this family corresponds to the center of mass $x$ of $P$. All of these results generalize to any toric Kahler manifold, except the center of mass result, which holds for Fano toric Kahler-Einstein manifolds.

Joint work with Peng Zhou and Pierre Flurin.

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