Topological Quantum Field Theory Seminar   RSS

04/12/2013, 16:30 — 17:30 — Room P4.35, Mathematics Building
, Universidade Lusófona and GFM, Universidade de Lisboa

Quantum mechanics in phase space: The Schrödinger and the Moyal representations

I will present some recent results on the dimensional extension of pseudo-differential operators. Using this formalism it is possible to generalize the standard Weyl quantization and obtain, in a systematic way, several phase space (operator) representations of quantum mechanics. I will present the Schrodinger and the Moyal phase space representations and discuss some of their properties, namely in what concerns the relation with deformation quantization.

Current organizers: Roger Picken, Marko Stošić.

FCT Project PTDC/MAT-GEO/3319/2014, Quantization and Kähler Geometry.