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01/10/2015, 11:30 — 12:30 — Room P3.10, Mathematics Building
Igor Salom, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia

Positive energy unitary irreducible representations of $\operatorname{osp}(1|2n)$ superalgebras

Orthosymplectic $\operatorname{osp}(1|2n)$ superalgebras are being considered as alternatives to $d$-dimensional Poincaré/conformal superalgebras and thus have significant potential relevance in various subfields of High Energy Physics and Astrophysics. Yet, due to mathematical difficulties, even the classification of their unitary irreducible representations (UIR's) has not been entirely accomplished. This is also true for the physically most important subclass of positive energy UIR's.

In this talk I will first demonstrate this classification for the $n=4$ case (that corresponds to four dimensional space-time). The classification is obtained by careful analysis of the Verma module structure, which is particularly subtle due to the existence of subsingular vectors. Based on these results I will then conjecture their generalization to the case of arbitrary $n$ (thus also including cases relevant in the string/brane context). In addition, I will show an elegant explicit realization of these UIR's that exists for (half)integer values of the conformal energy and that makes manifest the mathematical connection existing between UIR's of orthogonal and orthosymplectic algebras. The existence of this realization, per se, proves a part of the conjecture.

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