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18/03/2015, 16:00 — 17:00 — Room P3.10, Mathematics Building
, Grupo de Fisica Matematica, Univ. Lisboa

Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity (part 2)

This series of lectures is intended to give an elementary introduction to the topic of the canonical quantization of the gravitational field, in the context of the Loop Quantum Gravity approach.

The second lecture is devoted to the canonical quantization procedure within the LQG framework. We will begin by a short introduction to the notion of background independence, and differences between perturbative and nonperturbative quantization. We will then rewrite general relativity in the canonical space+time formulation and introduce Ashtekar variables, as preparation for the canonical quantization. Then the main step is the quantization itself, and the construction of the appropriate Hilbert space of the theory based on the notions of spin networks and spin-knots.

Please note the change of date from Wednesday 11th March to Wednesday 18th March.

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Current organizers: José MourãoRoger Picken, Marko Stošić


FCT Projects PTDC/MAT-GEO/3319/2014, Quantization and Kähler Geometry, PTDC/MAT-PUR/31089/2017, Higher Structures and Applications.