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13/03/2013, 11:30 — 12:30 — Sala P3.10, Pavilhão de Matemática
John Huerta, Instituto Superior Técnico

Anomalies III

We continue examining Gawedzki and Reis's paper:

WZW branes and gerbes,

We define a gerbe, and show gerbes can be "transgressed" to give line bundles over loop space. Trivial gerbes give trivial bundles on loop space, whose sections are thus mere functions. Any compact, simply connected Lie group comes with a god-given gerbe whose curvature is the canonical invariant 3-form. Restricting this gerbe to certain submanifolds, we get trivial gerbes who thus transgress to trivial line bundles, "cancelling" the anomaly of a nontrivial line bundle.

Room 3.10 is now confirmed

Organizadores correntes: Roger Picken, Marko Stošić.

Projecto FCT PTDC/MAT-GEO/3319/2014, Quantization and Kähler Geometry.