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11/03/2005, 15:00 — 16:00 — Amphitheatre Pa2, Mathematics Building
Marco Mackaay, Universidade do Algarve

Colored stable Bar-Natan link homology

Khovanov defined several link homologies categorifying the colored Jones polynomial and conjectured relations between them. Unfortunately none of them can be computed with the existing computer programs for link homology. Fortunately Khovanov's constructions are universal in the sense that any Frobenius algebra satisfying Bar-Natan's universal axioms can be plugged into them yielding framed link homologies. Paul Turner and I did this for the stable Bar-Natan Frobenius algebra and computed the colored link homology for this choice completely for any link. In my talk I will review Khovanov's constructions briefly and then explain the results Paul and I obtained for the stable Bar-Natan theory.
[1] Marco Mackaay and Paul Turner, Colored stable Bar-Natan link homology

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