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23/10/2019, 11:30 — 12:30 — Room P3.10, Mathematics BuildingInstituto Superior Técnico
Manuel Araújo, Instituto Superior Técnico

Topological Field Theory in dimension 3

I will give an overview of some aspects of 3d TFT, from the Turaev-Viro and Reshetikin-Turaev invariants of oriented 3-manifolds, to the more recent classifications of fully extended theories in terms of fusion categories and once extended theories in terms of Modular Tensor Categories.

Current organizers: Roger Picken, Marko Stošić.

FCT Projects PTDC/MAT-GEO/3319/2014, Quantization and Kähler Geometry, PTDC/MAT-PUR/31089/2017, Higher Structures and Applications.