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13/01/2014, 16:30 — 17:30 — Room P3.10, Mathematics Building
Thomas Mohaupt, University of Liverpool

(Para-)Quaternion Kähler geometry from Supergravity (Part 1)

We review some recent results on quaternion-Kähler geometry which were obtained in the context supergravity and string theory.

  1. By proving that the supergravity \(r\)-map and \(c\)-map preserve geodesic completeness, we established a method to construct non-homogeneous geodesically complete quaternion-Kähler manifolds starting from complete special Kähler or special real manifolds.
  2. Deriving the hyper-Kähler/quaternion-Kähler correspondence using conification, we have obtained a new proof that spaces in the image of the \(c\)-map are quaternion-Kähler, which extends to include the one-loop quantum deformation.
  3. Time permitting we will also discuss how some of the results can be adapted to para-quaternion-Kähler manifolds.