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Xavier Roulleau 26/05/2020, 17:00 — 18:00 — Online
, Université d’Aix-Marseille

On a special configuration of $12$ conics and a related $K3$ surface

A generalized Kummer surface $X$ obtained as the quotient of an abelian surface by a symplectic automorphism of order 3 contains a $9{\mathbf A}_{2}$-configuration of $(-2)$-curves (ie smooth rational curves). Such a configuration plays the role of the $16$ disjoint $(-2)$-curves for the usual Kummer surfaces.

In this talk we will explain how construct $9$ other such $9{\mathbf A}_{2}$-configurations on the generalized Kummer surface associated to the double cover of the plane branched over the sextic dual curve of a cubic curve.

The new $9{\mathbf A}_{2}$-configurations are obtained by taking the pullback of a certain configuration of $12$ conics which are in special position with respect to the branch curve, plus some singular quartic curves. We will then explain how construct some automorphisms of the K3 surface sending one configuration to another.

(Joint work with David Kohel and Alessandra Sarti).

Organizadores: Rosa Sena DiasJosé Mourão.
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