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04/02/2014, 16:30 — 17:30 — Sala P3.10, Pavilhão de Matemática
Rémi Leclercq, Université d'Orsay

C 0C^0-rigidity in symplectic topology

The Gromov-Eliashberg Theorem states that the \(C^0\)-limit of a sequence of symplectomorphisms is symplectic. This rigidity phenomenon motivated the study of \(C^0\) symplectic geometry which is concerned with continuous analogs of classical objects. In a joint work with V. Humilière and S. Seyfaddini, we showed that coisotropic submanifolds together with their characteristic foliations are also \(C^0\) rigid. I will discuss this result and in particular I will explain how it relies on continuous analogs of dynamical properties satisfied by coisotropics. Then I will discuss consequences of this rigidity phenomenon.

Organizador corrente: Rosa Sena Dias