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04/11/2010, 16:30 — 17:30 — Amphitheatre Pa1, Mathematics Building
, Queen Mary, University of London

Schanuel's Conjecture and exponential equations over the reals and complexes

Schanuel's Conjecture from transcendental number theory explains all known and expected results containing algebraic independence of values of the complex exponential function. I will explain how it connects to algorithmic questions about systems of exponential equations over the reals and complexes, as well as to old questions in complex analysis, such as Shapiro's Conjecture.
Professor Angus Macintyre visit is supported also by CMAF-Centro de Matemática e Aplicações Fundamentais.

The Mathematics Colloquium is a series of monthly talks organized by the Department of Mathematics of IST, aiming to be a forum for the presentation of mathematical ideas or ideas about Mathematics. The Colloquium welcomes the participation of faculty, researchers and undergraduate or graduate students, of IST or other institutions, and is seen as an opportunity of bringing together and fostering the building up of ideas in an informal atmosphere.

Organizers: Conceição Amado, Lina Oliveira e Maria João Borges.