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02/04/2019, 15:00 — 16:00 — Room P3.10, Mathematics Building
Clement Erignoux, Università Roma Tre

Hydrodynamics for a non-ergodic facilitated exclusion process

The Entropy Method introduced by Guo, Papanicolaou and Varadhan (1988) has been used with great sucess to derive the scaling hydrodynamic behavior of wide ranges of conserved lattice gases (CLG). It requires to estimate the entropy of the measure of the studied process w.r.t. some good, usually product measure. In this talk, I will present an exclusion model inspired by a model introduced by Gonçalves, Landim, Toninelli (2008), with a dynamical constraint, where a particle at site $x$ can only jump to $x+\delta$ iff site $x-\delta$ is occupied as well. I will give some insight on the different microscopic and macroscopic situations that can occur for this model, and briefly describe the steps to derive the hydrodynamic limit for this model by adapting the Entropy Method to non-product reference measures. I will also expand on the challenges and question raised by this model and on some of its nice mapping features. Joint work with O. Blondel, M. Sasada, and M. Simon.