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Tomás Reis 18/10/2019, 11:30 — 12:30 — Room P3.10, Mathematics Building
Tomás Reis, University of Geneva

Resurgence, Superconductors and Renormalons

In this talk I will cover the recent work of M. Mariño and I (, about an application of resurgence to superconductive quantum many-body systems. I will start by introducing the core idea of resurgence. Then, I will overview how to use the TBA to find the perturbative series of the ground-state of the Gaudin-Yang model (and other integrable models) to all orders. Finally, I will show how a resurgence analysis of such series connects to superconductivity and renormalon effects, leading to a concrete conjecture linking the Borel-summability of the perturbative series to the superconductor energy gap.

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Reis Resurgence superconduntors and renormalons seminar_october18.pdf
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Organizers: Bruno Mera, João Pimentel Nunes, José Mourão, Pedro Ribeiro, Roger Picken, Vitor Rocha Vieira
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